Virtual Pivot Point (VPPTM) Suspension Design

Compressed bike frame showing VPP suspension movement


We’ve been using VPP™ suspension since 2001. Rather than contracting a series of kooky inventors to try to build ever more complex and wack-a-doo suspension designs or proprietary shocks so the Marketing department has something to talk about, we’ve stuck with what is an extremely versatile and high-performance mechanism.

We do this so you have the very best performing full-suspension bike imaginable rather than having the best performing marketing jargon ever.

VPP™ is designed to work with the best available technology from suspension manufacturers that will be supported long-term. It doesn’t require novelty shocks and hardware that may have dubious long-term support. Some companies come up with daft shocks that only work on their bike because they're either looking for something to act as a Band-Aid for crappy kinematics or for a unique selling proposition that performs on the sales floor and not on the trails.

Because we make suspension bikes that work we don't need to mess around with kook science, and it means you won't be struggling to find parts and people to fix these bits in years to come. It's another way we design our bikes to last a lifetime.

Greg Minnaar, the most successful World Cup downhiller racer of all time has netted 19 of his 22 wins have come while aboard a VPP™ equipped V10 downhill bike.

Squish good, pedal good...

VPP™ can be optimized to strike the right balance between pedaling efficiency and all-out bump chomping prowess. The suspension on our cross-country bikes is tuned so that every ounce of energy a rider can generate is transferred to the forward trajectory. And our bigger-hitting, longer-travel full-suspension bikes are exceptionally capable of isolating impacts from the rider so they can ride harder with more confidence in the very worst terrain.

It means when you see "VPP™" on one of our bikes you know it's going to perform exactly how it should for that category of bike.

No Breaky

Short, stout counter-rotating links connect the front and rear triangles to create an extremely robust chassis. Simple linkages contain the pivot points to prevent slop from developing over time; grease ports make it serviceable; pivots run on large diameter axles and bearings, which we offer free lifetime replacement for.


Lower link of VPP suspension on the Bullit electric mountain bike


The Other One: Superlight™

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How We Got Here

Curious howe got to building VPP suspension and bikes? Read up on the story of Santa Cruz Bicycles.