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From Andes Pacifico to Ard Rock

At first, our events calendar might look like a party bus that's a little light on the brakes. Not the worst thing, you think to yourself, but I want to do some racing too. 

Race you shall. We sponsor a circuit (of sorts) comprised of stage races around the world, orchestrated by organizations and humans we trust with our good times. These races are attended by the sort of people you want to race beside: riders who can lay the hammer down between the tape but also kick back when everything is said and done.

Andes Pacifico kicks things off with Chilean mountain shredding, Downieville stokes the mid-season fire close to home, and the season caps off with a festival in the UK at Ard Rock.

Santa Cruz Bicycles - 2018 Andes Pacifico

Andes Pacifico

February (Cancelled 2021)

Andes Pacifico is a five-day enduro race with liaisons and special stages that stretch across the Chilean Andes.

The anti-grip is fierce, the tracks expansive, and by the end of the first day, the competitors are one big family. This is the experience of a lifetime, and it's the first of seven Santa Cruz sponsored events for the season.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Santa Cruz NZ Enduro

NZ Enduro

March (Cancelled 2021)

The NZ enduro is New Zealand's wildest multi-day enduro stage race, and it's brought to life every year by Sven and Anka Martin.

Vehicle and helicopter shuttles provide access to rugged terrain and for three days it's a mad dash through native forests, past spectacular views, and across natural singletrack. There's a party at the end too, and it's the icing on the cake to an adventure like none other.

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Downieville Classic

The Downieville Classic

Late July to Early August

The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship has been the non-profit mastermind behind this event since it's inception.

They’ve been fighting the good fight for trail access as well as building miles upon miles of multi-use trails in the region. There were over 800 racers registered for the Downieville Classic in 2018 and all the money raised goes right back into maintaining this beautiful corner of the world. 

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - The Santa Cruz Breck Epic

The Breck Epic


10 years and running, the Breck Epic is a six day stage race for fun-loving masochists.

The race unfolds in the backcountry trail network surrounding Breckenridge, starting and ending each day in town and offering an excellent pain to pleasure ratio. Summit County's local trail advocacy groups have been building sustainable singletrack over the years and if you'd like to experience this, The Breck Epic awaits. 

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - Ard Rock Enduro

Ard Rock Enduro

July to August

Ard Rock is not just another weekend of racing, or another bike event. It is the pinnacle of the UK MTB calendar. It is everything you could ever want from a weekend away, be it with your family or friends, Ard Rock is the Glastonbury of the bike world!

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Santa Cruz Bicycles - 2018 Trans-Cascadia Race



Trans-Cascadia is a blind-format style backcountry race in some far out locations of the Pacific Northwest.

Since the day the first shovel hit dirt on a Trans Cascadia course, the organizers have focused on building and improving trails that have been lost over time as well as opening new ones. They keep it raw, they focus on preserving the backcountry vibe of the sport, and the best part is anyone can have fun no matter the caliber of rider.

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