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PayDirt Update: Connected Communities

February 19 — 2021 | Santa Cruz, California

PayDirt isn’t a new thing for us. We’ve been supporting the champions of trails for a long time. One of those groups is the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. We’ve been partnering with them since the early 2000’s, and we’re committed to them for the future because what they’re doing will change lives. 

The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship’s vision is to take the model they’ve built around Downieville to 15 other communities throughout the region to create one of the largest interconnected trail networks in North America. The plan is for 300 miles of multi-use trails that connect people to each other and the nature around them. It’s big picture thinking on a scale that’s hard to comprehend now, that’s why SBTS made a video, which we’re happy to share right here.

Check out the SBTS Paydirt Profile!

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